Privacy COLLECTION AND USE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION stickerwallet™ limits its requests for information to what is required to ensure accurate service. Most of the information we collect is very basic and is needed to complete a purchase or provide a refund. Examples of user information that may be collected may include your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, credit-or debit-card information, a description of the item requested or purchased and the IP address of your computer. Marketing Information stickerwallet™ does not sell or otherwise share your personal information with anyone else, such as advertising agencies or marketing companies. We only send marketing information to those customers who specifically sign up for our mailing list.  

Refunds  If for any any problems with your stickerwallet™ , just send it back within 10 days for a refund of your purchase price. Please note shipping charges on returned items is will not be refunded.   Email us at support@stickerwallet.com and we’ll process your refund.  

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